Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM) is a very Legitimate and Honest Alternative Commercial company, that is 100% Minority and Gay Owned and Operated for well over 39 PLUS Years and still going...we operate ONLINE ONLY and "NO" we DON'T do the DOOR to DOOR SELLING TRICK, PERIOD...we setup any and all legitimate funding jobs, at which we redirect them to YOU OUR NU/NEW Independent Contractors, at which we do pay very WELL and since YOU are a 1099 and "NOT" an EMPLOYEE, YOU get both a Commission pay, as well as weekly Paid Salaries. YOU work from HOME at YOUR OWN SPEED, et al and as a 1099 YOU do get Medical and Dental , as well as other Benefits WHEN YOU  have entered into Agreement with us @ Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM).

Online Funding/Loans...IS BETTER AND SAFER!

Working at Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM) has both it PRO's and CON's, working from ones HOME is both safe and economical and as always the MONEY is always a PLUS, but YOU get to have HOME CARE TO WATCH YOUR KIDS, et al, the only drawback will be that the phone will RING, wrong WE PROVIDE YOU with a Company Phone, 100% FREE once YOU sign our Agreement also We set YOU up with a company EMAIL ADDRESS and Equipment, which is also 100% FREE, but it is sad is OUR PROPERTY and that its in YOUR be KIND TO IT. This again is a WORK @ HOME PROJECT, so, if its YOUR Cup O' Tea PLEASE, JOIN US go to the Front Page of this Website as SIGNUP. The CON's are out there, but they are NOT part of us YET, but they do exist.



The WORRY of those who WORK @ BBFS (TM) is some feel they will loose their BENEFITS, partly true YOU will loose the BENEFITS from YOUR OLD COMPANY, but YOU will gain some much more BENEFITS with WORKING with us @ BBFS (TM), as noted we will offer the same type of BENEFITS at first YOU must cover 25% of the cost and WE GOT THE REST and after YOU decide to leave us the BENEFITS are YOURS but we @ BBFS (TM) NO LONGER will pay for them, period, but after YOU have been with us for five (5) years, YOUR 25% will go away, and we @ BBFS (TM) will pay 100% of the BENEFIT COST, period. Now the working from YOUR HOME is a PLUS in this TIME of the Economy and WORK members should always be YOUR first decision when YOU DECIDE to WORK @ HOME and ditch the 9 to 5 JOB, we @ BBFS (TM) are always talking about the Pro's and Con's of WORKING @ HOME and being HONEST this is the BEST CHOICE, and as noted the BENEFITS ARE EXCELLENT.



We @ BBFS (TM) is the FUTURE and the future is calling, will YOU answer it and/or Let this Opportunity PAST YOU BY...remember it is YOUR Call and it will COST YOU NOTHING TO INVEST IN OR JOIN - ITS 100% FREE - WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, TIME IS WASTING AWAY - FAST - THE POSITIONS ARE GOING FAST AND IN A HURRY.