What Is Up is Scams/Cons Against the Government, and More.

Updated: Jul 3

The Sad part about this is the Simple fact of Crimes against the Local Government, such as what is happening in the Great State of Colorado on and against the Colorado Department of Labor & Employment - Div. of Unemployment Insurance a few individuals are claiming that at some point they either worked for and/or is employed with us @ Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) such is not true and actually a crime, since said person(s) did willfully give/submit knowingly false statements claiming that they was/were employed with us @ Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM), they were/are NOT now and/or ever - and they need to STOP submitting false Information YOU Guys/Girls are now on NOTICE WE @ BEST BUY FINANCIAL SERVICES COMPANY (TM) WILL NOT DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY ASSIST YOU AND ANYONE IN DEFAULTING AND/OR FRAUDING THE STATE GOVERNMENT, PERIOD.

Now it is NOT our call on what is the states next move on this but whatever is required we will assist the State in whatever it need(s) to prosecute any and all said party and/or parties so involved directly or indirectly, within or without the State of Colorado, not a fan of wrong doers, if there is "NO" clear means of JUSTICE, as well as profits.

So, if YOU feel that either or both this GMO Company (Gay Minority Owned) known as Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) and the State of Colorado are EASY Marks think again, WE ARE NOT - IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A GOOD FIGHT YOU FOUND ONE - Its On for REAL.

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