What Could YOUR Business do TODAY?

Updated: Aug 28


With an additional $USD 250,000 up to as high as $USD 39 Billion or more IN IMMEDIATE WORKING CAPITAL, eliminate payroll worries, take supplier discounts, purchase equipment, inventory and expand production or fund investment and retirement programs for the employees these are just a small SAMPLES of what YOU can do with YOUR Money and YES! we can do just that get YOU approved when others can't - and that is CORRECT we are "NOT" a Bank we at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) is MUCH BETTER at what it is we DO, we are a FULL SERVICE Alternative Commercial Financial Company who operates on a very different level that any Bank, Credit Union and/or Mortgage Company (understand they are a excellent source for Commercial Funding/Loans, but when they say NO!, we say YES!)...we at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) are a 100% GMO and to some its a DEAL BREAKER, but "NOT" to some of our clients who have gotten their required approval, and it wasn't with their bank(s), et al, it was 100% Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) some of our client was a challenge but it was WORTH IT and IT WAS REAL FUN, since its what we do, period and we have been doing it for well over 39 Plus Years within our Communities and we don't see STOPPING anytime soon in the future.

We are very PROFESSIONAL on what we do, and we DO NOT GO DOOR TO DOOR, nor BUSINESS TO BUSINESS, that is "NOT" how we gain any Clients, we @ Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) we get client(s) by WORD O' MONTH from other satisfied Clients of what we do, while some will talk about us and we give them a referral fee up to $USD 75,500 per NU/NEW Client(s) who enters an Official Agreement with us...others will NOT, and that to is COOL with us as well. An like the Old saying states "A FOOL AND HIS/HER MONEY ARE SOON PART" when they are foolish with their money when they DON'T USE US, PERIOD, 90% of most business persons are NOT FOOLISH, but with the way Inflation has hit some of them the Saying is making a FOOL of them and most, if not all don't like it and we will PROVIDE them with the proper tools to combat this thing call "INFLATION/ECONOMY" sometime we loose but only about .00001% of the time, YES! we LOVE Numbers and we keep track of our failures so we don't REPEAT them - EVER.

How we CONDUCT our business by NON FACE TO FACE, in other words by ONLINE ONLY, some think that is CRAZY until they utilize us and our services and all we see is a BIG AS* SMILE ON THEIR FACES...we can do everything we state we can do, and WE DON'T HAVE ANY UPFRONT FEES/COSTS as some have claimed or stated so if YOU wish to UTILIZE OUR SERVICES go to the Website/URL @ www.bestbuyfinancialserivecsco.us

and review the complete website and if YOU decide we can assist/help YOU leave us YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS and someone will get back to YOU AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, mostly within 6 to 24 Hours, sometimes way less than that, either way someone will get in touch with YOU concerning this matter @ hand....but if YOU are in an URGENT HURRY Fax us YOUR information and some one will be immediately assigned to YOUR CASE and will get back to YOU ASAP concerning anything that YOU did send by FAX, understand the Business Fax Number is 100% SAFE and SECURED and for YOUR RECORDS the number is 719-362-4380, this LINE is in OPERATION 24 Hours a day, Seven (7) days a Week, 365 days a Year so YOU are in GREAT HANDS.


Now those who are very SERIOUS will find us, but those who are JUST LOOK for the BEST DEAL than LOOKING NO FURTHER YOU FOUND IT, SO, STOP ALREADY!!!!!.


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