THIS IS NOT A TEST...Financing and Business Startups in the 21st Century Are YOU Ready For It.

Updated: Oct 23

It is TIME for YOU to get two things ready in YOUR (1) being UNDERSTANDING THAT THEIR ARE TWO (2) FORMS OF FINANCING ONE IS TRADITIONAL, WHILE THE OTHER IS ALTERNATIVE...and we at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) will explain to YOU which is which and the PROS and CONS to both- such is short but SWEET and to the point:


Now the other POINT YOU need to get ready in YOUR HEAD is being ready for the two most important answers in YOUR LIFE one (1) being the "N-O, no", while the other is more positive than negative, it is the "YES!" to the Funding/Loans - GOOD LUCK EITHER WAY! goes nothing:

Now let talk about YOUR more Traditional Financial Market, such is YOUR Banks, Credit Unions as well as a Mortgage Company (ies) or two they are very great sources to start with since you are fully aware of them, since YOU work(ed) with one of these at some point in YOUR from our experiences with most of these type of Financial Company(ies) we have found that based of the RISK FACTOR most of the more Traditional type of Financial Companies try to stay clear of these type of Funding/Loans since they are VERY HIGH in the RISK AREA and that part is NOT in there and/or their Shareholders BEST INTEREST, so about 90% of the time YOU just might get a clear "N-O, no" answer, some may even offer YOU a more than LESSOR AMOUNT OF FUNDING/LOANS, that maybe great at first, but when the CASH FLOW STOPS! And YOU are in need of a SHOT O' CASH, YOU will again have to try the Traditional Financial Market, like YOUR Bank(s), et al and again they will have to TURN YOU DOWN and the reason can be many.

The NEXT Question is a more different type of answer it concerns us, Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM), we are the other part of this question, we are the Alternative Financial Company...we say "YES!" when YOUR more Traditional Financial Company (ies) tell YOU "NO!", we are NOT a Bank per say, we are much better and we have been known to get the JOB done correctly the FIRST TIME AROUND, but most if not all NU/NEW Clients are somewhat confused as to what we are and are NOT and we TELL them in a NUT SHELL WE ARE NOT YOUR MORE TRADITIONAL FINANCIAL COMPANY, LIKE YOUR BANK(S), ET AL, NOR A FIDUCIARY BROKAGE(S), SUCH AS GOLDMAN & SACHS, ET AL FIRM WE ARE THE OTHER GUYS/GIRLS also we are a 100% GMO, which means we are a "Gay Minority Owned and Operated Company/Business" and we have been at this for well over 39 Plus Years and still going, and we don't see in our future of ever STOPPING, period.


Now understanding that as a 100% both Minority and LGBTQ+ type financing company we understand the harsh reality of the INS and OUT of the Banking and Financial Markets, that includes Capital Ventures, as well as Factoring...we are somewhat different than most company(ies) like ourselves, we go after those who are the ONES that NO ONE WISHES TO FUND, NOR LOAN TO SUCH AS THOSE WITH A RECENT BANKRUPTCIES AND/OR BEEN IN BUSINESS FOR LESS THAN TWO (2) YEARS AND THEY HAVE EITHER GOOD, FAIR OR NO CREDIT - WE LOVE THESE TYPE OF CLIENTS...while 98% of them are EXCELLENT CLIENT while others are "NOT" but again in this type of business YOU take the GOOD with the BAD all the, that is what we do.

In this Article we talked about the PRO's and CON'S to both type of Financial Companies - here is the skinny ( UNDERSTAND SOMETHING YOU MAY NOT WISH TO HEAR - SO, FOR YOUR BEST INTEREST STOP! NOW, AND GO NO FURTHER):

CON'S - Now everyday someone is turned down for something or other, but the More Traditional Financial Type, such as YOUR bank(s), et al are severely regulated and covenant restricted when they attempting to provide truly accessible financing and small business loans to startup entrepreneurs

CON'S - All Traditional Financial Type Companies require some form of related type of collateral, such as YOUR home, or other real estate

PRO'S - More Traditional Financial Type Companies do allow YOU to deposit funds, et al and they offer some items that are just NOT available in the Alternative Financial Market, period

Now the PRO'S to the Alternative Financial Company, like us at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM), they are as FOLLOWS:

PRO'S - we are very LEGITIMATE and we have been in business for well over 39 Plus Years and growing

PRO'S - we offer Venture Capital, Equipment Leasing, Leveraged Buy-Out, Startup Funding/Loans and More to those who are unable to seek assistant from a more Traditional Financial Company, such as those with a Recent Bankruptcies, that has been discharged, Less than Two (2) Years In Business, or just "NO" Credit or just Good to Fair Credit WE GOT YOU, PERIOD.

PRO'S - we don't say "NO!" to any Reasonable Business Deal handed to us, like MOST, if not any and all Traditional Financial Companies will do and say...we truly do understand that most business owners wish to first seek the assistant of their more Traditional Financial Company, like their bank, et al and we are okay with that scenario, but we inform the party that by waiting valuable time is wasting away and we tell the to also have Plan "B" in place just in case Plan "A" fails...BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY...WE ALWAYS SAY!


Now understand we are "NOT" a Traditional Type Financial Company, like a Bank, et al per say, as noted above, again we are the other Guys/Girls and we MEAN, again if YOU are interested please leave us YOUR Business EMAIL ADDRESS and someone will contact YOU within 48 Hours of receipt of said EMAIL, that is a promise.

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