The NU/NEW Rental Assistant/Mortgage Program Is Coming to a Town Near YOU

Now watching the National News is very depression and stressful...if its not one thing its a GMO type Alternative Financial Company doing 99.9% of what we do with both the LGBTQ+ and Minority, as well as Non Minority Communities within and without the State of Colorado - and whatever we try to accomplish something GOOD TO GREAT SOMEONE is TRYING their BEST TO TEAR IT DOWN AND/OR BAD MOUTH US - and that is Great, since we know whatever they claim it is 100% UNTRUE, YES! We try to assist, as well as help those in HONEST NEED of funding up to $USD 25,000.00 in RENTAL/MORTGAGE ASSISTANT, and NO! Its NOT a MILLIOM DOLLARS, but those who have BILLIONS...WE DON'T SEE, NOR DO WE HEAR THEM TRYING TO HELP, HELL ALL THEY DO IS HURT AND CAUSE HATE AND MORE RACISM, BULL CRAP...if YOU are in need of a HAND-OUT, we are "NOT" the Alternative Financial Company for YOU, but if YOU are in need of a HAND-UP than we are a Perfect Match and we will GUARANTEE in writing that such RENT will be PAID BY US within Six (6) Working Days or Less, such will be paid by a Bank Cashiers Check, made payable to the Landlord, such will include any and all late fees/costs, if such DOESN'T EXCEED THE ORIGNAL FUNDS OF $USD 25,000.00, if such DOES we may still provide the funding for such late fees/costs, but such is "NOT" GURANTEED BY US over $USD 25, since this is NOT from a NON-PROFIT TYPE OF COMPANY(IES) we are required to have YOU submit a SIGNED PATRIOT ACT AGREEMET FORM claiming YOUR Status of CITIZENSHIP, et al.

Now, the ONLY issue is that we @ Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) ONLY work with those within the LGBTQ+ Minority and Non Minority Communities and their numerous Legitimate Allies and first and

YOU must subscribe to our EMAIL, which is 100% FREE - and "NO" YOU DON'T have to purchase/buy anything, it just lets us know who is forreal and who is FULL O' IT...once we have weeded out those we feel ARE NOT URGENT they are place in the BACK BURNER FILE and we start to work on those that, again we feel are URGENT MATTERS - we get to work on them. NOW this RENTAL/MORTGAGE ASSISTANT PROGRAM IS 100% FREE, AND WE ASK FOR NO UPFRONT FEES/COST - EVER, but understand "NO" EMAIL, AS WELL AS BEING FROM THE LGBTQ+ COMMUNITIES, LGBTQ+ ALLY, ET AL... WE WILL NOT OFFER YOU ANY ASSISTANT. So YES! Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) can and will assist/help YOU on the matter of YOUR RENT/MORTGAGE PAYMENT(S), IF THERE ARE ANY LATE FEES/COSTS PLEASE LET US KNOW PRIOR TO US FORWARDING THE LANDLORD ANY PAYMENT(S).

This is a One (1) Time Funding Program, once done will not be repeated for Two (2) Years from the date and time of the First Funding of the Rent/Mortgage - WE UNDERSTAND IF THIS IS YOUR LAST OPTION, BUT TO BE HONEST START THE BALL ROLLIN' THAN STOP IT BEFORE IT ENDS IN PAYMENT TO THE LANDLORD, JUST TO SEE IF YOUR OTHER IDEAS COME THROUGH FOR YOU, WITHIN A REASONABLE TIME FRAME.

Nothing Ventured is Nothing Gained...Period, so if HELP is OUT there Reach for it and NEVER feel a shame to seek or ask for help or assistant. We are "NOT" a Mortgage Company, but we maybe able to assist/help YOU in getting into a HOUSE, interest rated are very HIGH and Costly, SO, ASK US WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU?

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