The Legal Scam of the Personal Loan(s) and the Do's and the Don't Do, Period, et al

Understand that at no time is the Language contained in this Article should be construed as LEGAL Advice or Advice concerning accounting matters or illegal activities, et al.

Now we at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) have been ask if we do Personal Loan(s) and the ANSWER is very simple YES! up to $USD 300,000 YOU may have Good to Great Credit, or No Credit, or even Bad Credit either way we GOT YOU, period. what is quite funny to us is that some people who are very desperate and feel that a SMALL Loan is better than "NO LOAN AT ALL" to some that is 100% TRUE, but in the long run its the worst thing one can do.

here is a scenario of a BAD Loan:

  • Now YOU are in need of a Loan in the Original Amount of, lets say $USD 15,000, but a(n) Loan Company tell YOU that they will give YOU a Loan for ONLY $USD 2,000 - DO YOU ACCEPT AND TAKE THE LOAN for just $USD 2,000, see below for OUR OPINION

  • If YOU decide to accept the loan for the mere what YOU need, at a payback with interest at once the original loan of $USD 2,000 is paid back, the other interest would be lets say another $USD 1,225.35, in other words YOU would be paying back an additional, say it $USD 1,225.35 a total of $USD 3,225.35, in the opinion of, Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) such is "NOT" worth is and we would hop YOU would past, but if NOT, GOOD LUCK.

Now a GOOD LOAN is a LOAN to where YOU the Person get what YOU pray for and very CLOSE to the original amount of the loan, even with interest rate(s) at hand, understand that what we are stating - close too really means if as above YOU are in need of $USD 10,000, but can only qualify for just $USD 8,959.69, that is more within a REASONABLE CALL FACTOR and lets say YOUR monthly payment stay below $USD 298.45, that is a very GOOD to almost GREAT SCENARIO, but like we said the call is YOURS and YOURS alone, period...YOU know and understand YOUR current situation at hand, so please understand if YOU feel what is in YOUR best interest is to take what YOU can get - GO FOR IT, but if someone can get YOU more and keep YOUR monthly payment LOW to VERY LOW look into that FACTOR as well before agreeing to the First Contract of a Lessor Loan.

As, we at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) so stated in this Article we DO SMALL PERSONAL LOANS up to $USD 300,000 and we are welling to work with those with Excellent Credit, Good, Fair, Poor and No Credit, but we will work with YOU on whatever...all that we ask is that YOU sign and agree with the Terms of any said Loan Agreement by and between us at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM), et al.

If the wording within the Agreement is "NOT" to YOUR liking Please DON'T Sign it or cash the check by doing so is a NO-NO, please CONSULT WITH YOUR ATTORNEY(S) concerning this matter at hand.


If YOU are like MOST people who are looking for the BEST Loan(s) possible, EMAIL us at and/or and let us get to FAST work for YOU and YOU will get a reply from Us to the Amount of what we will Loan YOU, and if YOUR Landlord, et al is/are involved with the CORRECT contact information from YOU we will contact him or her and let them know that WE WILL TAKE OVER THE PAYMENT and inform them they will be paid...we will inform YOU and YOUR Landlord, et al when said payment will be made available to YOU and Them. We Guarantee our work and we will be back with YOU upon any and all EMAILS concerning this matter at hand.

If we are working with a third party in YOUR behalf the REPLY time is 72 Hours or Less for a REPLY, but again we will contact YOUR Landlord, if YOU and/or YOUR Third Party Agent has given us the correct contact information for said Landlord/Owner(s), the same goes for any bank(s), credit union(s) or mortgage company(ies) so involved. If at anytime this is of a(n) URGENT SITUATION we ask that such be told to us in any EMAIL to us in the RIGHT HAND CORNER with the word(s) of : "URGENT MATTER - RUCH JOB - REPLY WITHIN___HOURS OR LESS" without such wording we are "NOT" required to RUSH SAID ORDER OF LOAN, but with said wording the LOAN APP GOES TO THE FRONT OF THE CLASS and is replied back to within 12 hours or less.

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