The Funding/Loans without Paying It Back...What Is This & More?

Now YES! Its 100% TRUE the Funding/Loans without Paying them Back...some will claim its a NU/NEW Concept, its "NOT" while others will claim its just "NOT" Real, nor 100% TRUE, when it is 100% REAL and Is 100% TRUE...the real DRAWBACK is the fact that the Funding starts at a mere $USD 250,000 up to as high as $USD 8.950 Billion and the higher the funding/loans the higher the actual take-out fee of the actual funding/loans, other than that there is "NO" repay plan - EVER! Also, YOU as a business Owner(s) Male or Female will have to enter into and sign a Patriot Act Agreement Prior to any said Funding/Loans, YOU may be also required to sign and enter into some form of other Financial Agreements with the Lending Company (such is REQUIRED by State and Federal Law(s)) as noted YOU are FREE to NOT sign such Document(s), at which YOU will "NOT" get said Funding/Loans, period nor will YOU be afford the names, nor addresses of the Lender(s) within or without the USA until said Forms/Documents have been signed and filed by Us at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) and S&S Funding Company (TM).


Now, if and when YOU are ready for such type of Funding/Loans understand that YOUR FICO Score is "NOT" a Factor here, nor is the Fact(s) that YOU have only been in business for less than two (2) years, and /or YOU have a recent Bankruptcy on file, as long as the bankruptcy has been DISCHARGED by a Court of Record, and YOU provide us with the Documented proof than and only than we will move on to the NEXT STEP FORWARD concerning this matter at hand.

No matter what the situation YOU are in YOU are required to enter into and sign a Patriot Act Document, prior to the receiving any such Funding/Loans, as well up to six (6) document(s) concerning this type of funding/loans, and note its "NOT" any type of trick to lure YOU INTO some form of REPAY PLAN(S), when we at both Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) and S&S Funding Company (TM) state that such is a "NO" repay plan - EVER we stand behind such, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, PERIOD. the laws concerning this type of funding/loans is/are very strict, as well as straight forward, as YOU should know their is "NO" UPFRONT FEES, NOR COSTS concerning this program, and if someone does offer YOU this program and they have an UPFRONT FEE/COST, again YOU are free to pay it or YOU just might say to YOURSELF IS THAT NO THANKS I WILL TRY BEST BUY FINANCIAL SERVICES COMPANY (TM) and/or S&S FUNDING COMPANY (TM), but thank them for the BS, we don't BS, nor do we have the time for any BS, if we claim we can and will assist/help we will do just that - NO QUESTIONS ASKED!?

But since we ONLY handle companies within the ENTIRE USA and Canada ONLY and we understand that limiting ourselves is some will claim BAD for business - NOT TO US, the reasons we have decided to ONLY DO BUSINESS WITH COMPANIES WITHIN THE ENTIRE USA AND CANADA IS SIMPLE, THEY ARE EASY TO HANDLE AND THEY ARE WITHIN OUR POWERS TO ENFORCE THE SAME BY LAWS.


Now from our dealing with a number of Lenders within the USA most do not handle this type of funding, but such is available and we GET IT FOR YOU. Also, we ONLY handle business of funding/loans by either EMAIL and/or Business Fax ONLY, sorry for the inconvenience, but that is how we do BUSINESS and everything we do is 1000% LEGAL and we plan on keeping it that way.

Now we have Two (2) EMAIL ADDRESSES for YOU to contact us they are and/or and the actual Business Fax number is 719-362-4380 and this Business Fax number is 24/7/365 and is 100% Safe and Secure, so if YOU do decide to forward any DOCUMENT(S) understand that they are Safe and Secure, but if YOU are in need of S&S Funding Company (TM) website/URL it is and feel FREE to utilize it whenever YOU wish.

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