The Frustration on getting Small Business Capital

Updated: May 13

A true common source of FRUSTRATION to virtually all Small business entrepreneurs is their inability to get true access to meaningful credit through their traditional banking system as they attempt to GROW their business ventures. Now most, if not all banks and ordinary lenders are severely regulated and covenant restricted when attempting to provide truly accessible financing and small business loans to startup entrepreneurs. Banks, in general, have difficulty providing financing for risk oriented entrepreneurs in the first three (3) years of their operation without the availability and pledge of non-business related collateral such as a home or other real estate.

For most small business entrepreneurs, it is when their business is initially successful through its start up and into its first stage operation that the entrepreneur is confronted with his/her first cash flow problems. It is at this stage that the initial cash grub stake from savings, credit cards, and friend and family is "BURNED THROUGH" and the need for immediate additional financing becomes necessary.

Now the Alternative Financial Market is a value to at least look we at Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM) enjoy taking the RISK and about 98% of the time we will find YOU the capital YOU need for Financial Growth in YOUR small business(es)...but most small business entrepreneurs would first again seek out the assistant from their Traditional Financial Company, such as a Bank, et al knowing the OUTCOME and they are fully a where that time concerning this matter is RUNNING OUT, but like the old sayin' states "A HARD HEAD MAKE A SOFT AS*" when one see the BEST MOVE and REFUSES to take the Bull By The Horns, that individuals may call himself/herself an ENTREPRENEUR, but they don't know anything about SUCCESS...when, Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) claim they got YOU, they really mean it "THEY GOT YOU...FOR REAL", so try us on for REAL, just don't think about it too damn long, it may be too late.

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