The Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM) has a Secret about the DOT...want to hear it.

The above picture is to smooth over YOUR MIND, that YOU STOP worrying and stressing about the NU/NEW 0.75 Interest Hike from the FEDS, that is the we at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) understand right now about 69% to 89.3% of LGBTQ+ and Minority Businesses are feeling the pinch or we said we have a PLAN to SAVE some BUSINESSES, but about 90% of both LGBTQ+ and Minority Businesses will sight the assistance and/or help from their Traditional Financial company such as a bank, et al only to hear the disappointment word(s) of a NO!, but since we are "NOT" the Traditional type of Financial Company, like a bank, et al we have a different type of RULES and REGULATIONS for our client(s) old and NU/NEW, but we are "NOT" some FLY BY NIGHT Financial Company, so we also is "NOT" a FIXER, if we where "NOT" the first PICK...YOU just lucked out, understand we will assist/help some companies, even when we was "NOT" the first pick, its RARE but we do it, some BUSINESSES ARE WORTH IT.

Now over time with Inflation on the RAISE, as well as the Economy, we have a PROVEN Financial Plan, that just might get YOU out of the PINCH and NO THERE IS N-O, no UPFRONT FEES/COSTS, just that YOU understand that the plan is a PRODUCT of Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) and its Wholly-Owned Holdings, like S&S Funding Company (TM) and Money Shoppe Company (SM) and we DON'T SHARE, PERIOD...we will do whatever to get YOU the Funding/Loans YOU will require to stay afloat in the Business World, since we are NOT a Bank, et al we don't require 89% of Credit Information, even if YOU have had a RECENT BANKRUPTCIES, as long as it has been DISCHARGED by the Courts, and we will ask that YOU provide us with those Documents with the Case Number, and/or if YOU have only been in BUSINESS for less than One (1) Year, if YOU are serious YOU MUST go to the WEBSITE first page and leave us YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, as well as the amount of the Funding/Loans YOU are interested in, and once we have the Patriot Act Agreement signed by YOU and returned to us...we will get to work on YOUR Funding/Loans, we have been doing this for well over 39 Plus Years, so we know what we are doing, once APPROVED by a Company(ies)/Person(s) of interest we will send YOU a EMAIL of said APPROVAL, but we will NEVER share the Name(s) and/or Company(ies)/Person(s) name with YOU, that information will be giving to YOU UPON the FINAL AGREEMENT with us @ Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM), et al we are "NOT" a Bank or Credit Union, nor are we a Mortgage Company or a Payday Loan Company, we are the other Guys/Girls.

Money for YOUR business(es) may be a little more expensive, but sometime we have to BREAK A FEW EGGS TO MAKE AN OMELETTE, so before this is the ROAD YOU wish to take please without any delays talk to us and let us know what YOU either wish us to continue on or STOP! WHATEVER WE HAVE DONE, and we will STOP! Immediately and YOU WILL OWE NOTHING, PERIOD...understand we WORK FOR YOU, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND, so YOU word(s) are LAW concerning this matter @ Hand.

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