On this Day Called "Fathers Day" have a JOYFUL Time With Those U love, for LOVE IS LOVE, et al

WELCOME TO THIS SITE...YES this site is about Alternative Finances, but for TODAY its about YOU...as a kid I remember my dad he was my Hero, as well as a figure so mighty and strong in my Family that Loving him was both Easy and Hard, but no matter he was my Father and I loved him then and I will always LOVE HIM in my heart, YES he is "NO" more and he has passed on, but that is LIFE, but he lives on in me as well as his other KIDS, my brothers and sisters, as well as his Grandkids...he is and was a HERO to me and I will always LOVE him, again he is a HERO to me always.

The US Army made him who is was, but he first was my father and a husband to my mothers who loved him than and even in death she loved him even more, they are both together with the Heavenly Father and that makes me very happy to know that He is caring for them and He always have LOVED them and for that I will FOREVER be in His Grace for He is 100% PURE JOY & LOVE.

So on this day in time right now think of those who love you right now...the world can wait for now, if YOU need a lift up LOOK AROUND YOU and see that they truly LOVE YOU and YOU alone, so forget YOUR problems for TODAY and ENJOY what YOU have in front of YOU NOW and know that in their EYES as well as in their Heart O' Heart YOU are their hero an they LOVE YOU so be there for them NOW, before its TOO LATE...LOVE WHAT YOU HAVE NOW!


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