Minority Wealth and YOU and More

Updated: Sep 29

It is now 9/12/2022 and the share of Black wealth in real estate has dropped by 7% according to a recent presentation by Jon Willis, a senior economist with the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, GA ( was posted originally by: Daniel Smith, MBA (LINKEDIN (R))...now we at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) are not shocked by this NEWS @ hand but is somewhat alarming, since we have the TOOLS, yet many of those within both the LGBTQ+ and Black Communities venture towards more Traditional Financing company(ies) like their Bank(s), Credit Union(s) or Mortgage Company(ies) only to be turned down and/or turned away with a HARD N-O, no or they are told they don't have the credit score, which means that their FICO SCORES are too low, under 680 or less, at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) "NO" we are NOT a Mortgage company, nor are we a Bank or Credit Union, we operate on a very different level within the Legitimate Alternative Financial playing field., that about 80.213% of the time don't do funding based on ones FICO Score (Credit Score(s)), nor are we looking for collateral for any security of a loan, etc....we DO require a financial commitment from YOU on a re-payment plan, if any is so due.

What is somewhat odd to us at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) if there is the means to UP YOUR status within YOURSELF and Community why not take it and YOU have the TOOLS and the expertise to survive and make a PROFIT and be very SUCCESSFUL, and the taking is a Solid Good One I would take it...their are two type of those who will succeed in life the DOERS and the LETS DO THIS NOW, BEFORE ITS TOO LATE, AND I MISS THE BUS/TRAIN and those that are plain and simple FAILURES are those who wait and see and they miss the bus, as well as the Train. Today we are down by 7%, but tomorrow we will be back up again and this time Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) will keep an eye on the MARKET, so this will not happen on our watch, period - that maybe TRUE that the Market is a Violent Up and Down, but when YOU are always watching YOU just might catch it here and there, as YOU know what to look for and we at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) know what to look for, some of them claim they do but they don't know us we are that LIFE and it cannot be learned in a school or college YOU have it or YOU don't and we HAVE IT, that I know because as CEO I have it and I don't share only to my CLIENTS, et al.

Being who and what YOU are makes YOU very UNIQUE and we will show YOU how to harvest it and be a PROFITABLE AND SUCCESSFUL STORY in the LGBTQ+/MINORITY COMMUNITIES - that is what we do here @ Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM).


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