Mental Health, YOU, YOUR Family and The Entrepreneurships the UP's and the Down's, but is it F-U-N.

Now its August 7, 2022 and YOU are feeling the Entrepreneurship Bug and in YOUR Heart YOU feel YOU can do this, because YOU understand the ins and outs of doing business in the world of OWNERSHIP O' A BUSINESS, but weeks go by and the hidden demons same to take over and YOU start to feel the HARDSHIPS OF Failure, Loneliness, Stress and Depression, BUT IN YOUR DREAMS YOU WERE SUCCESSFUL, but in reality NOT SO FAST, that is OKAY, most people get into Entrepreneurship with the knowing of the PRO's, as well as the CON's and they somehow get confused between the two, but over the HILL there is some REAL Serious Help, and advice is 100% FREE from us at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM), at time YOU will FAIL, but YOU tell YOURSELF that is "NOT" an option too many people depend on me and I depend on them, so YOU are now in a ROCK and a HARD PLACE, but we at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) have a number of Financial Tools that are SOLELY MADE BY US FOR THOSE WITHIN THE LGBTQ+, AS WELL AS THE MINORITY(IES) COMMUNITIES we say that for we have over our 39 plus years have designed them for OUR COMMUNITIES and have tested them over the YEARS, and found out that 99.8% of them WORK.

Now there are actual FOUR (4) business magazines that we at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) would outright endorse, they are as listed below:

  1. The Advocate, its not an OUTRIGHT business Magazine, but most of its articles gear around the SUBJECT, so, its our PICK O' THE DAY;

  2. INC. - this magazine is geared towards the Minority and Non - minority communities, both Gay and STR8 - and we at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) love this magazine and since it NOT FAMILY OR FINANCIAL, we are hoping we don't find out its owned by racist or homophobic people;

  3. The Nation? its okay, but again is NOT 100% a Business Magazine, nor is it 100% Financial, but it is informal to say the lest;

  4. Colorado Biz, this magazine shocked the HELL OUT of me the CEO and the Staff, its well put together and the articles are well written, we questions some of those that they talk about, some are outright Racist and/or Homophobic, but outside of that the magazine is a GOOD READ and FEEL, but you be the judge.

Also, if YOU honestly need someone to talk to go to the Mental Health Hotline, their number is 24/7/365 and is 9 -8 - 8, but if YOU need someone from the LGBTQ+ Community contact the Trevor Project, their Non Toll Free Number is 212-695-8650 while their mailing address is:

The Trevor Project

P.O. Box 69232

West Hollywood, CA 90069, USA

They are a 100% 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Organization, and they have an EIN Number 95-4681287.

Now most Clients ask us to PICK a bank or Financial Institution, and we tell them that are call is to PICK a BANK or CREDIT UNION, et al that has YOU and YOUR BEST INTEREST IN MIND and that they are willing to assist/help YOU when the time come(s) and/or send YOU to someone who can and will assist/help YOU IN YOUR TIME OF NEED, "NOT" all Bank(s), Credit Union(s), et al are created equally - the PRO's and CON's work with them - just remember BANKS, like YOU are out to make a PROFIT for their SHAREHOLDERS, unless YOU happen to be one of their SHAREHOLDERS in YOUR MIND SAY N - E - X - T, next, if a little voice tells YOU to MOVE ON, do just that - BUT A FOOL AND HIS MONEY IS SOON PARTED, if YOU decide to stay.

In other words We will NOT inform YOU and/or anyone what bank(s), credit unions', et al to use when concerning YOU and YOUR Business(es) that part is 100% YOUR CALL...this is 100% FREE ADVICE we give to YOU and all of our CLIENTS...also, there is this misconception that we are a BANK or some form of either a Mortgage Company or a Credit Union, that part is 100% NOT TRUE, WE ARE NOT A BANK, MORTGAGE COMPANY, CREDIT UNION, nor are we a PAYDAY LOAN COMPANY, we are a 100% Alternative Financial Company - WE ARE THE OTHER GOOD GUYS/GIRLS.

For well over 39 Plus Years we have been doing this type of Financing within the LGBTQ+ and Minority Communities, and that is were we PLAN to stay, but we assist/help those who are "NOT" within our communities, nor are they LGBTQ+ or Minority, but they seek some REAL HELP and we will HELP IF WE CAN our only fallback is that they must be 100% ALLIES of the GMO WORLD, if not we cannot help them - SORRY, BUT 100% TRUE.

The TOOLS we are talking about within this articles happen to be under all types of Funding/Loans Programs, from a mere $USD 50,000, up to $USD 39 Billion and sometimes more from Payroll, Business Taxes, Leasing, Pre-Settlement Funding Programs, et al - but we are always adding NU/NEW Financial Programs/project in our BUSINESS PORTFOLIO, for YOU the NU/OLD CLIENT(S). Understand that Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) is a very legitimate and honest company, but its NOT one's first consideration, YES we can do everything that a(ny) bank(s) et al can do, but as they have limits, so do we - such as we DON'T do any type of Funding/Loans outside of the Entire USA other than Canada and parts of Mexico ONLY, but again again we are LIMITED to what we can and cannot do by Federal and State Laws, Regulations, we DO NOT DO any type of Funding/Loans within or without of Russia.

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