Juneteenth...When We Were and Are Free From Slavery...What's NEXT?

Updated: Jun 30

Its June 19, 2022 Today We as Black People at one time were Slaves and it took two (2) years to inform those who are Black Texans they were FREE Men and Women and Children - this is why we CELEBRATE this day its OUR day of FREEDOM, like MOST White Americans they have the 4th of July which is called Independence Day, a time of their FREEDOM from the King of England and such is a National Holiday for them, yet its NOT for US why is a Question...and YET to be answered.

This day is a DAY those of the BLACK race must away celebrate in time of LIGHT and DARKNESS, in the GOOD TIMES, as well as the BAD TIMES...understand that OUR Ancestors fought, and died for this day of FREEDOM, and its NOT over until the Horns of OUR Ancestors is heard by YOU and YOURS and that the LORD OUR G-D Cometh forth for YOU and YOURS and His People.

And it is TRUE Faith that will carry YOU and YOURS...the voices of Hate, Racism and Fear (AGAIN IS NOT OF THE LORD OUR G-D, it of the Fallin' and Men/Women) they are not of the Lord Our G-ds, nor his children of Light at which the Father will NEVER deny and those who walk with thee He will Bless them and His Angels will walk and protect them and they, like YOU will FEAR NOT, again the Haters are among YOU and YOURS (and all they know is HATE and RACISM, while smiling in YOUR face and only telling YOU what YOU wish to hear and see) an they will try to defend what they see right for them and their is NOTHING for them in His House without thee.

Remember JUNETEENTH is about YOU - YES, but its about those who did in the LIGHT so watched and protected YOU and YOURS at great cost to themselves and their family members and they will be so BLESSED in His House...YOU will know of them for they are like YOU and YOURS but they are "NOT" YOUR color of skin, but they hear YOUR pain and trials by their hearts, not their voices, they see without Eyes, nor do they hear with Ears, but they do...they will draw YOU to them by their Act(s), Action(s) as well as Inaction(s) of their Good to Great Deeds, so OPEN YOUR HEARTS TO THEM AND THEIRS for they too are a part of YOUR Light, if they are Good to Great YOU AND YOURS, but if they try to come to YOU or Him in Trickery or Falsehood they will fail...He see all.

If nothing of this day be of JOY and Happiness Celebrate it for FREEDOM DOES RING FOR YOU AND YOURS FOREVER AND EVER, AMEN. What Is NEXT is the Father Will WELCOME His Children Home - NO MORE PAIN, RAPES, HANGING, et al and those who have refused to speak up and speak out for their ancestor part(s) in such EVILS He will hear them and theirs "NOT", SHA'LOM.

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