Updated: Jul 1

Now Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) with the assist of one of it wholly owned div., S&S Funding Company (TM) are planning a NU/NEW Type of Car/Truck Loan/Funding type program that will be for those who are either or one of the LOW INCOME or VA VETS, the Programs also includes those who are Seniors of 55 Plus in age ( AARP Members or Not a Member are eligible, as well).

Now it should be noted that said Car/Truck Loan/Funding Program is ONLY available within the ENTIRE USA ONLY, but even, so the following states said Loans/Funding is NOT OFFERED, they are as listed: TX, FL, UT, AZ, and Mass. and any other state(s) that such program is "NOT" allowed...any nu/new client(s) who is and/or was in the military, MUST provide that he or she was Honorable or Medically Discharge(d) from the U.S. Military, by providing Form DD214 and signed by the Secty. of Defense prior to any Loans/Funding directly or indirectly concerning this Program @ Hand.

Said nu/new client(s) again must provide the DD214 Form at the time of any Loans/Funding from Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) and/or any of its Holdings, if said form(s) is/are NOT produce at the time of any Loans/Funding said dealership and Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) and its Numerous Holdings may allow the nu/new client(s) 30 days (NOT Working Days) to produce said DD214 Form (copies of the same is/are allowed, if cert. by the VA, Washington, DC Only).

Now this program DOES NOT involve any type or form of LOANS as noted in this Article, a loan would actual mean that such would have to provide some very sensitive information and a credit check, since WE DON'T REQUIRE THIS INFORMATION, NOR DO WE NEED IT TO PROCESS THE FUNDING CONCERNING THE CAR(S)/TRUCK(S), since it is a Non-recourse, which means YOU DON'T EVER HAVE TO RE-PAY THE FUNDING BACK - EVER. This program is ONLY available to One (1) per Household and is available up to $USD 250,000.00, HELL YEAH ITS THE REAL DEAL, but the ONLY drawback is that WE ARE NOT YOUR TRADITIONAL FINANCIAL COMPANY, SUCH AS YOUR LOCAL BANK(S), CREDIT UNION, ET AL WE ARE THE OTHER GUYS/GIRLS, ALTERNATIVE FINANCIAL COMPANY - ALSO SO YOU ARE NOT CONFUSED WE ARE NOT A PAYDAY LOAN COMPANY, PERIOD.

YOU are required to place a very small DOWN PAYMENT on the Car/Truck with the Dealership of NO MORE THAN 1% of the agreed upon FINAL SALE PRICE, once paid the FUNDING will be approved and said FUNDS are placed in the Dealership Account immediately without which YOU must provide us with a TRUE copy of the Proof of Insurance and a copy of YOUR State Drivers License (valid), the REST IS ON US. This program will be available after Sept, 2022, upon at least 200 Car/Truck Dealerships sign up to the program, such is 100% FREE to any and all Dealerships, as well as their Dealers, if they are interested they would need to GO TO the company website @ and go to the "CONTACT US" and fill-out the allotted form and include a valid EMAIL and we will forward by USPS a FREE KIT for YOU to fill OUT and return to us.

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