Inflation, the Economy, Financing and YOU...what is NEXT?

Updated: Jun 12

Look as the TIMES are HARD ( N-O, no REAL PUN INTENDED, but its CUTE) and Inflation, as well as the Economy gets the BEST of us and we need someone to BLAME for OUR Problems, N-o, no I hate to say it but its "NOT" on President Biden, its all on Putin and the Russian War that is ongoing in Ukraine. Now YES, its very EASY to Blame someone, but if that person is NOT the PROBLEM I would not blame him or her for that matter, I wouldn't care if they are Dem, GOP/REP, or Independent, they are NOT the least all of YES, yes I can blame Biden for some domestic issues closer to HOME IN AMERICA, such as the Baby Food Shortage, but "NOT" for the high Prices of Gas, nor the Food, again that is Corporate fear and they are the ones raising the PRICES and stealing from the American People, now if President Biden wishes to "NOT" look weak to those that REALLY VOTE, than he needs to really go after CORPORATE AMERICA and raise the actual taxes of the RICH, not that of the middle class or the poor - they are the BACKBONE of this country without them HE and the so-called RICH and SUPER RICH are worthless, that include us @ Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) we believe that those who are middle class or poor are the ONES who need an UPLEFT, not the RICH or SUPER RICH, PERIOD.

As we noted in this Article the times are HARD, but during PRIDE Month and Fathers Day, this is a time to reflect - BACK ON THE GOOD TIMES AND PARTY YOUR ASSES OFF and remember that even moms as well as dads can and are true HEROs, yes dad in the makeshift of manhood so on June 19 of this Year and everyday of his and OUR life we HONOR HIM, with words as well as a gift or two, and a TIE is COOL, but Please NO more ties, he likes other things and hey did YOU know YOU can also Celebrate Mom(s) too, We know it "NOT" Mothers Day, but sometimes without moms, dads would go crazy, so on Fathers Day it is all about Dads and Brothers be them Str8 or Gay or Bi - some of them are DADS as well - so honor them, too!

Back to what this Article is about Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) is about what is Alternative Financial, and the Traditional Financial Market - they are the same in the Funding/Loans Department, but very different concerning who and what they are, like an Alternative Financial company is NOT a Bank(s), Credit Union(s) or Mortgage Company(ies) and its "NOT" a PAYDAY LOAN COMPANY(IES), so when YOU and/or YOUR approach them YOU and YOURS need to understand they are "NOT" the same, some are LEGITIMATE, while others are "NOT" so remember when shopping for the BEST way to get funding or Money, include the Local BBB and Attorney Generals Offices they are made for this type of ACT(S), ACTION(S) and/or any INACTION(S) that may come YOUR WAY concerning again don't be FOOLED, PERIOD. Work with them - also, they are forbidden on giving YOU and/or anyone LEGAL ADVICE, for that YOU will need to seek the advice of a License Attorney or two - that is SOMETHING THEY DO AND SOME DO VERY WELL, if YOU need the ADVICE of a License Attorney or two contact YOUR Local Bar Assoc. they will be able to assist/help YOU concerning this matter.

Now its NOT always easy providing for YOUR family members, but that is just what YOU DO with a Life Partner, Wife, Husband, or whatever - its YOU and for that YOU are something SPECIAL and a HERO, no maybe YOU didn't fight in a war, but YOU served - ITS CALL LIFE...AND DAD(S) YOU WORKED IT - So Thank U, if those YOU love are too Young to speak we are NOT - so YOU are a HERO and again, Thank U

So, this is a Time to Know NO EVERYTHING IS ABOUT BUSINESS SOMETHINGS ARE JUST ABOUT YOU, DAD(S). What Is NEXT Is On YOU and YOURS? Now the GOP/REP. wrote a letter to NOW President J. Biden, claiming they WILL NOT work with the President, nor the Democrats, et al and Sen. Mitch did sign such, so if they are "NOT" willing to actual do anything with the President J. Biden or the Democrats, et al HONESTLY what is one to do, if they can't and will "NOT" work for the President and/or the Democrats, et al...then they are doing exactly what they claim they are NOT DOING, in other words they are LYING to the President, Congress and most of all the American People, all for a VOTE if they cannot work with what they got having a Majority is going to be a STEP BACK, not FORWARD...and this is what the American People want I don't think so - both the Congress and the House Shall work together and do what the American People what - NOW for one raise the SSI to the cost of living to at least $USD 1215.00 a month, like NOW, and make some better gun laws without taking Honest Citizens GUNS away from them and PROTECTING KIDS AND ALL AMERICAN, NO MATTER WHAT! and "F"*ck Politics it a GAME that those in Washington, DC play and WE THE PEOPLE HATE BOTH THE GAME AND THE PLAYERS, DEM, GOP/REP as well as INDEPENTENT , but we @ Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) are just sayin' come on YOU guys/girls get too REAL WORK.

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