Inflation is UP HIGH what's NEXT & can we within the LGBTQ+ & Minority Business world SURVIVE - YES!

Updated: Jul 17

It 100% TRUE Inflation is at the Nations Highest point in time of 9.1% (thank the GOOD LORD this is not Turkey there Inflation rates are well over 80% and the LAST TIME we looked Biden was not the Leader of this country, nor its President and we in American think things are BAD, they are but things in Turkey are worst) and after 40 YEARS that is high, but that is "NOT" the whole story in the LGBTQ+ Communities, as well as the Minority LGBTQ+ Communities YES most will PANIC but now is "NOT" that time YET, Honey we made it through some very HARD TIMES, like Slavery, Stonewall and things we just don't like to talk about, but we made it and Honey it was "NOT" an easy task to say the LEST, but we did it...WHY, BECAUSE WE KNOW WHAT TO DO...HELL YES, IT'S GOING TO BE HARD - BUT WHAT ISN'T!...when LIFE hands YOU LEMONS, YOU MAKE LEMONAID, but when YOU feel LOST that YOU will "NOT" be able to and JUST MAYBE YOU will Contact us and/or someone YOU trust, again like us @ Best Buy Financial Financial Services Company (TM) we understand that during this CRAZY TIME, such as the Pandemic - COVID - 19, the Stress - Depression, and G-d knows more...but in these TIMES OF HARDSHIP WE GOT YOU, EVEN IF IT'S JUST A SIMPLE WORD OR TWO OF PRIDE AND ENCOURAGEMENT OF YOU CAN DO IT!...WE GOT YOU, AND, YES IT IS 100% FREE JUST TO TALK TO US A NU/NEW FRIEND, not everything is about Money, Finances, Taxes, sometimes, YOU like most just want to just talk and have someone to just listen and understand the PAINS OF LIFE, and that WE UNDERSTAND MORE THAN YOU KNOW!

But, after YOU get some things off YOUR BACK, YOU need some WORKING CAPITAL? up to $USD 30 Billion, sometime more, such could eliminate both YOUR Payroll and Tax Worries, while expanding both the purchase of NU/NEW Business Equipment, Inventory and "NO ONE" wishes to hear that we are "NOT" YOUR Traditional Financial Company, like a Bank(s) or Credit Union(s), we are the other guys/girls called Alternative Financial Company, and we are just as LIGITIMATE, AS ANY LOCAL OR INTERNATIONAL BANK(S) AND/OR CREDIT UNION(S), its that we are MORE LIKE YOU then them, period and we get the job DONE the FIRST TIME AROUND within a reasonable time frame.

If YOU are in NEED of some form of DIRECT FUNDING we got YOU on that FRONT, and again, WE ARE NOT A BANK(S), ET AL OF ANY KIND, PERIOD...Yes, we also do FACTORING, but that is again "NOT" all we do and we are so, listed with the BBB and D&B, so understand we are "NOT" a FLY BY NIGHT FIRM AND/OR FINANCIAL COMPANY we have been doing this for well over 39.5 Years and we don't plan on STOPPING anytime soon, period.

Now when it comes to doing what is JUST and RIGHT in the Business World that PART IS us 100% of the TIME, but we have stepped out of this FRAMEWORK and been their for OUR CLIENTS when they need us the most and we NEVER CHARGE THEM FOR THE HUMAN FACTOR PART OF WHO AND WHAT WE ARE EVERYDAY OF OUR LIFE...SO IF YOU ARE A RACIST, HOMOPHOBIC, TRANSPHOBIC AND/OR ZENOPHOBIC this company may not be YOUR PLACE to do BUSINESS - For we have seen our competitors and some are COOL, while others are NOT, but either way BRING IT ON - LETS DO IT!

Now the If YOU decide YOU need us just GO TO the Website and Leave us YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THE CONTACT US SECTION OF THE WEBSITE, but if YOU are just searching the web, looking for the BEST DEAL for YOU and YOUR Company, just maybe we are it, and the search is OVER, but if not PLEASE try the REST, and hopefully YOU have the WELL POWER TO COME BACK AROUND TO THE VERY BEST - US!

Now, this is a very GOOD TIME to at least LOOK INTO the Current Situation YOU are in and Honestly see if its a very GOOD fit for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS(ES), if so, EMAIL us @ and ask us for MORE DETAIL INFORMATION AND/OR HAVE SOMEONE CONTACT YOU LIVE FOR A SET MEETING TIME ( Such is ONLY done by either or both Zoom (R) and/or Telephone or Cell Phone) the thing that get most, if "NOT" all businesses be them Large or Small, LGBTQ+ and/or Minority or both our SOLE JOB is to find YOU the LOWEST POSSIBLE INTEREST RATE ON THE CURRENT MARKET, and if possible HOLD Interest for the first six or more months, when possible for our client(s) so it could be in YOUR best interest to contact us today without delays of any kind.

The Clock is running down and time is running OUT - SO YOU NEED TO DECIDE ON IN WHICH DIRECTION YOU WISH TO TAKE IN LIFE...ITS NOT JUST ABOUT YOU ANYMORE WHEN YOU OPERATE A BUSINESS WITH EMPLOYEES, but Honestly "NO" matter what YOU decide understand such was "NOT" an EASY ONE TO MAKE...but YOU will have to stick with it and pray it will work - NO MATTER GOOD LUCK!

We are here when YOU decide that YOU need Us and at what LEVEL YOU need us at...Understand We got YOU, LETS GET TO WORK - FAST.

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