How to send YOUR Paperwork for the Funding that is 100% SAFE & SECURED and More.

Updated: Sep 30

Now most Entrepreneur(s) look for a very 100% SAFE and SECURED EMAIL and/or Fax line(s) or both, when they are seeking any type of funding, loans and/or any information that they consider sensitive information, or what they consider HIGHLY SENSITIVE INFORMATION, they don't mind taking RISK, but NOT share personal sensitive information about themselves, their family member(s) and/or their startup(s), if personal information that to them self is OPEN and PUBLIC INFORMATION and they cannot control that, but its another story when its sensitive information.

Now, Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) DO NOT require much of sensitive information at the beginning of the dealing we may have with YOU the NU/NEW Client(s), yet YOU are require to sign a Patriot Act Agreement, prior to any dealing with us, that would include but is "NOT" limited to any Funding/Loans...YOU will be so required to provide us with the LAST FOUR OF YOUR Social Security Number (ONLY).


Understand that since everything is handled ONLINE, but is 100% SAFE, as well as SECURED from A to Z...the ONLY Business Fax Number is 719-362-4380, this fax is for Documents and any personal, yet sensitive information and will be so HANDLED that way, we ask that at "NO" time do YOU send us YOUR FULL Social Security Number and any sensitive information, if YOU have issues with sending such by fax GO TO the website@ and FILL OUT the QUOTE INFORMATION PAGE, understand that information is also 100% SAFE and SECURED, but has a two (2) working days of a hold due to the facts that we get less information this way, so it is LAST thing most of us CHECK, that is the reason for the TWO (2) DAY(S) HOLD.


You will be REQUIRED to include an EMAIL ADDRESS for us to send YOU any type of REPLY concerning the Funding/Loans and/or any correspondence on this and, again on any matter dealing with this issue(s) at hand - the EMAIL ADDRESS IS: SSFUNDINGCOMPANY88@GMAIL.COM or MONEYSHOPPECO@YAHOO.COM and is OPEN 24/7/365, if this is YOUR very first Quote Fax to us concerning Funding/Loans we ask that YOU include the actual Amount of the Funding/Loans, as well as any REPAYMENT PLAN and if YOU wish to forward any type of BUSINESS PLAN YOU may attach, up to 75 pages to any and all EMAILS ADDRESSED TO US @ Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) on the SUBJECT MATTER.

Once said EMAIL is received by our department, we will get to work on it, YES! even weekends and holidays, as well and about 89.3421% of the time YOU will get a Approval Reply Email from us at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) concerning the Funding/Loans.


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