Having Pride and having a Healthier and Financial Future is a PLUS!

Updated: Jun 7

Now discover a NU/NEW and Fresh way of doing Financial Business the Gay and Minority Way - its Easy and 100% FREE to Start, YES if YOU are for REAL YOU will have to INVEST ONLY YOUR TIME WITHIN THIS PLAN, its very easy, as 1 - 2 -3 or A - B - C, and when done right it can be FUN and full of PROFITS.

The first part of this PLAN is to Clear YOUR MIND of the NOTION that YOU WILL HAVE TO INVEST, SOME REAL MONEY, YOU WILL IN TIME, BUT NOT NOW! N-O, no this is "NOT" any type of SCAM or CON, its the REAL DEAL, with one exception, that is its for those within the LGBTQ+ Communities (of all colors of the rainbow) and their allies, be them Str8 or "NOT" A 100% TRUE ALLY IS HARD TO FIND (NO INTENT, JUST SAYING)...let dig into something called CRYPTO CURRENCY is it a REAL THING, the Answer is YES!, but what YOU should be asking is is it 100% SAFE and that is the million dollar question - which is YES! and NO, first of all the YES! Part of our question is that its 100% SAFE, but its "NOT" supported by any Bank(s) or Government(s)( at this Time), but for those who have the means and funds to invest into this Crypto Currency - COOL, but for the REST just place about ONLY 10% to 20% of YOUR MONTHLY Pay Check and do this every month for the next six (6) Months to a year and see if that is the way YOU and YOURS wish to go, if "NOT" STOP IMMEDIATELY and venture into another part of what is 100% SAFE FOR YOU AND YOURS.

We NEVER ask YOU and/or anyone to enter into any form of Agreement concerning Crypto Currency...to us @ Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM), we understand that it maybe 100% SAFE but with any type of INVESTMENT PLAN(S) a loss is a loss, so, we can ONLY advise YOU what we know and the rest is up to YOU.

The NEXT type of FUNDING is our favorite type of FUNDING, its called Pre-Settlement Funding, its the way of a healthier way to B2B Funding...when done RIGHT and the reasons we @ Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) its ACTUALLY "FREE MONEY..WHEN DONE RIGHT" this type of FUNDING is for those who are in the PROCESS of a PENDING LEGAL ACTION WITHIN THE COURT SYSTEM EITHEWR OR BOTH STATE OR FEDERAL SUCH MUST BE HANDLED BY A LICENSE ATTORNEY OR TWO OR MORE WITHIN THE USA OR CANADA ONLY. For more information YOU will need to EMAIL US and/or fill out the CONTACT INFORMATION on this website at which someone will REPLY back to you ASAP (within 72 hours or less).

Now the ONLY drawback is actually NONE that we can find? Now the times during this type of PRESSURE is HIGH, but is way COOL, when YOU listen to YOUR Attorney(s)...also this type of FUNDING is also available to them, but they have to RE-PAY the funding win or lose, but they have up to five (5) years or more time to re-pay the FUNDS back (without any interest attached to it).

Financial Growth is living financially healthier, its a way of seeking Personal Loans with a FAIR Interest Rate, and at times 80% of most Traditional Financial Business Companies, like YOUR Local or International Bank(s), Credit Union(s), et al may have the funding/loans and the time, but understand most, if "NOT" all Traditional Financial Companies ONLY offer loans up to maybe $USD 100.000, if that...yet, We offer YOU slightly more up to $USD 300,000, but such is ONLY available ONLINE and within the USA and CANADA ONLY...and we say YES! To at least 90% of any and all applications, for us to say "NO" YOU would have to be still in BANKRUPTCY COURT and the case has "NOT" been resolved, nor closed. Now more on a personal level when concerning a LOAN, the same amount apply, but YOU need to understand that we are HAPPY to assist/help YOU acquire the MONEY YOU will need from as little as $USD 1,000 as high as $USD 300,000 with a very LOW Interest Rate...we will get YOU approved within six (6) hours or less REMEMBER EVERYTHING IS DONE ONLINE WITH US @ Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) - BUT WE GET THE JOB DONE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.

Once approved the MONEY is directly deposited into YOUR personal Bank account and YOUR first payment will be due in 90 days from the date of the actual deposit of the FUNDS YES, without interest...if YOU setup an AUTO PAY Plan said payments will be withdrawn from YOUR bank account on the date YOU Picked.

YES, we also will handle some Bankruptcies Funding Cases, but on a Case by Case Basis and the bankruptcies MUST be within our POLICY concerning the same, if "NOT" that will be the only time we say "NO" to YOU the Client.

We have been doing this type of funding for well over 39 Years and we see "NO" sight in our future of STOPPING anytime soon...HAPPY PRIDE AND FATHERS DAY - ENJOY! More is coming, READ ON BELOW:

Now , all the services so mentioned in this ARTICLE are 100% FREE when concerning information be it EMAIL, Snail Mail, etc. its FREE, but the actual FUNDING/LOANS are "NOT" 100% FREE they must be paid back minus...the Personal Pre - Settlement Funding Plan - that program is worked totally different it is "NOT" a LOAN of any kind so it doesn't have to be paid back - EVER.

We @ Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) is a FULL SERVICE Alternative Commercial Financial Company - WE ARE NOT A TRADITIONAL FINANCIAL COMPANY, like a BANK(S), CREDIT UNION(S), MORTGAGE COMPANY(IES), ET AL...if YOU happen to be in need of what we do from LBO's, MCA's, Business/Personal Funding/Loans, et al EMAIL US and/or leave us YOUR contact information on this WEBSITE at which WE WILL GET BACK IN TOUCH WITH YOU CONCERNING THE MATTER AT HAND.

All NU/NEW Clients will get either 100% FREE FOOD and/or Gas up to $USD 500.00 monthly, when they have entered into a One (1) Year Agreement with us @ Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM), that includes that they are so required into placing some from of Funding/Loan - understand this is "NOT" a Contest, this offer is given to ALL NU/NEW Clients after 6/15/2022 until 12/31/2022 @ Midnight (MST) when said offer will expire and "NOT" be repeated. We offer this and many other types of programs concerning FUNDING/LOANS for the LGBTQ+ and Minority Communities on a regular basis so if YOU are interested PLEASE feel FREE to EMAIL US at the EMAIL ADDRESS so mentioned within this Website and YOU are free to Snail Mail us as well - the street address is so mentioned - LETS GET DOWN TO BUSINESS.

All NU/NEW Businesses must provide us with an ACTIVE E.I.N number from the IRS, even if YOU are a sole proprietor...to get an EIN Number go to the IRS website at www.IRS.gov and search for form SS4 and fill out the form and mail it to YOUR required IRS Office and they will assign YOU a EIN - We are in need of that number prior to any type of FUNDING FROM US @ Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM).


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