Having FUN with Commission for 1099's

Now during this HARD time in YOUR LIFE YOU must make the hard choices in YOUR life since the PANDEMIC or the MASK MANDATE such has not been EASY for anyone mostly YOU, but YOU made it., than YOU remember YOU have bills to pay such as RENT, A MORTGAGE, and only G-d knows what else, as well as YOU have a FAMILY...YOU have to put FIRST, so this is the BEST thing possible and its 100% FREE.

But, YOU have this NOTION that being paid by COMMISSION is going DOOR - TO - DOOR such ideas are FALSE and FAKE AS HELL, that was the case 10 to 20 years ago, but its NOT the case now, things have change and some for the BETTER, such as being paid by both COMMISSION and SALARY/WAGE...all from working at HOME.

Now at NO TIME are YOU an EMPLOYEE, YOU are an Independent Contractor or an IC worker, in other words YOU are a 1099 and YOU work from HOME, period, but in some case YOU will be afforded things like Medical benefits, as will as some other FREE STUFF and BONUSES...but as a 1099 YOU are required to follow every State, as well as Federal Laws, Regulations, et al...also we PROVIDE YOU with a Company Phone and we pay for the Services, such is the property of this company and SHALL be returned if asked by it HR Department and/or its CEO of Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) and its numerous Holdings, if any property is NOT returned to us within a reasonable time frame a WEEK for the dated of the request of RETURN than as required YOU shall pay the FULL PRICE of a NU/NEW PHONE, COMPUTER, et al.

Understand, as a 1099 worker YOU are required to pay any and all TAXES due to the State and/or Federal Gov., as a 1099 worker YOU will be asked if YOU wish to have the FREE to YOU for the FIRST SIX (6) Months, after which YOU will be quoted a PRICE for said BENEFIT, if over $USD 150.00 a month, we at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) will pay the First $USD 100.00 and YOU Must pay the rest. YOU are covered for the first FIVE (5) dependent(s), after that YOU must than pay $USD 10.00 per person(s), not including a Spouse or Life Partner, but they can't be over the age of 25, if they are "NOT" in college or school and they must be YOUR dependent, they if in COLLEGE, THEY DO NOT HAVE TO LIVE WITH YOU, but they must be YOUR Dependent, an we do require PROOF of this...such as their Birth Cert., State/Federal ID, or College/School ID.

As NOTED this Program is 100% FREE to Signup, but signing up DO NOT GUARANTEE YOU A SPOT AS A 1099 IN WHOLE OR PART, if we have an EMAIL on FILE we will EMAIL YOU YOUR ACCEPTANCE LETTER, at which WE DO NOT TURN ANYONE DOWN unless YOU are in violation of this companies policies in part and/or whole prior to any acceptance of working status or 1099 status as well. Once the EMAIL of Acceptance is sent to YOU YOU will than be forwarded a 1099 Agreement Contract, that YOU MUST sign and RETURN TO US IMMEDIATELY, after which YOU will receive a Company Phone and understand this is COMPANY PROPERTY and such number is for BUSINESS AFFAIRS ONLY and YOU will be EMAILED a Direct Deposit Form for YOUR MONEY sent to YOU on a WEEKLY OR MONTHLY TIME FRAME.

If YOU are INTERESTED please feel FREE to EMAIL us at moneyshoppeco@yahoo.com or just fill out the Job Application on this Site and PUSH the submit button and sit back and relax and after TWO (2) DAYS check YOU INBOX in YOUR EMAIL account for a MESSAGE from us @ Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM), if not in YOUR INBOX check YOUR SPAM FOLDER, either way check it.

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