Now as this Article claimed the FUNDING is Both Limited and 100% NON - RECOURSE, in other words YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY IT BACK - EVER...but there are a FEW STRINGS ATTACHED such as a 20% of the actual Fund(ing) is withheld and that this Funding is ONLY AVAILABLE TO Both the LGBTQ+ Communities (Minority, as well as Non - minority) and their Numerous ALLIES (and YOU MUST provide PROOF OF BEING AN ACTUAL ALLY OF AN LGBTQ+ AND THAT YOU ARE 100% STR8) this PROGRAM is ONLY AVAILABLE WITHIN THE ENTIRE USA AND CANADA ONLY, YOU are required to provide proof of actual Citizenship of either country, so mentioned in this article prior to being in receivership of ANY FUNDING from Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) directly and/or Indirectly or Both.

Now the actual Funding is 100% LEGITIMATE and is also 100% Service Free, it solely based on YOU, not YOUR CREDIT, so a Bank, nor any Credit Union or Mortgage Company(ies) is/are involved and we @ Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) DO NOT ask for YOUR CREDIT REPORT OR FICA SCORE...but those interested are to GO TO the actual WEBSITE and go to the first page and leave us in the CONTACT SECTION YOUR Information as noted so with out it NO ONE will be able to contact YOU and if YOU are CONFUSED please EMAIL US @ and someone will response to YOUR EMAIL and the FAQ'S also everything is again 100% LEGITIMATE, but is 100% ON-LINE ONLY, understand that this is NOT Traditional Financial Company, such as YOUR Bank(s), Credit Union(s), etc. we are the other guys/girls who are VERY PROFESSIONAL and are 100% Certified Money Brokers.

Now the Fund(ing) Program will Start on July 11, 2022 @ 12 Noon (MST), and will expire on December 31, 2022 @ Midnight (MST) and will NOT be repeated EVER - SO FOR THOSE WHO ARE SERIOUS THE TIME IS NOW OR NEVER.

Most fund(ing) is as low as $USD 250,000, and as high as $USD 60 Billion, understand the higher the funding the higher the percentage fee, the minimum is 20% and from there as noted it goes up, but will NEVER be over 45% of the ACTUAL FUNDS, PERIOD.

Now we have been ask if a Party who is 100% NOT A LGBTQ+ Minority DOES HE OR SHE Qualify for said FUND(ING)...the answer is YES! they would qualify as long as they abide by our policies so set and they are an ALLY of someone who is a LGBTQ+ B2B Person(s) and we @ Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) can verify such information once any and all the T's are crossed and the I's are dotted we will move on to the NEXT STAGE, called APPROVAL and place the fund(s) in YOUR Business Account.

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