Business Financing Alternative for Entrepreneurs


What do YOU do when YOUR more traditional financial company, like YOUR bank tells YOU "NO!".

You just might want to contact us at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM), just sayin'.

Did YOU know that most TRUE entrepreneurs start their businesses simply to generate a "LIVING" and a steady stream of Income.

Also a TRUE Entrepreneur they have had enough of being the "dependent" employee, wanting to achieve something greater and with more reward.


When we at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) provide them with the needed STARTUP VENTURE CAPITAL from as low as $USD 50,000 up to $USD 150 Million most of our client(s) frustration is their inability to access meaningful credit through the traditional banking system as they attempt to grow their business venture(s).

Ordinary lenders, et al are severely regulated and covenant restricted when attempting to provide truly accessible financing and small business loans to STARTUP ENTREPRENEURS. Banks, in general, have difficulty providing financing for RISK ORIENTED ENTREPRENEURS in the first two to three years of their operation without the availability and pledge of NON-BUSINESS related collateral, such as a HOME or other real estate.

For most small business entrepreneurs, it is when their business is initially successful through its START UP and into its First Stage Operation that the Entrepreneur is confronted with his/her First CASH Flow Problems. It is at this stage that the initial CASH GRUB Stake from Savings, Credit Cards, and Family Members and Friends is "burned through" and the need for immediate additional financing becomes necessary, such as us at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM).

Within the United States (USA) and the State of Colorado (CO), there are literally dozens of unique financial product areas that join to make up the entirely of what is termed the ALTERNATIVE COMMERCIAL FINANCE COMMUNITY with some being more favorable than others in particular economies and geographic regions. For our ability to provide ready access of CAPITAL to entrepreneurs and to generally meet the WORKING CAPITAL and CASH FLOW PROBLEMS of the startup and early Stage Small Businesses, several product type clearly stand out among the rest. These areas include

  • First Stage Financing...Capital provided for research and development of a product or service.

  • Asset - Based Lending...similar to factoring in some ways, Asset - Based Lending solutions can be employed in a multitude of industries where financing of accounts receivable, inventories and equipment is essential for growth

  • Venture Capital or Risk Capital...Start - up Projects (high - risk are small companies in their early stages, usually showing little or no profit)

  • Equipment Leasing and Factoring

  • Personal Loans (up to $USD 50,000 sometimes more)

Over, todays Alternative Commercial Finance Industry is enormous with asset - based lending transactions alone accounting for well over $USD 850 billion or more in terms outstanding loans annually. Now lets for once just talk about Factoring, known affectionately as the industry's "crown jewel" has grown to an annual volume of roughly well over $USD 750 billion domestically. But as far as Factoring alone is concerned, that is only the tip of the iceberg. In recent statistic compiled by the International Factoring Organization, Factors Chain International, quotes total Global Factoring now reaching an epic annual volume of nearly $USD 9.9 trillion and that just might be more.

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