Best Buy Financial Services Co. will PURCHASE YOUR Mortgage Notes for a GOOD SELLING PRICE, et al

Updated: Sep 18

Now we at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) pays CASH for Owner-Financed Mortgages offering super FAST closing, but we are interested in the following types of PROPERTIES:

Condos, Apartment Buildings, Single Family Residences, Duplexes, Town Houses, Mobile Homes with Land ONLY, Land that is UNIMPROVED, as well as land that is improved - understand that we are NOT A MORTGAGE COMPANY, nor a BANK OR CREDIT UNION, but we can offer LOANS on a very limited basis.


Now understand that TIMES are very HARD so the extra CASH is a PLUS during these HARD TIMES, Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM), now for YOUR understanding to what we will purchase and what we will "NOT" purchase is very simple, such as the following scenario - WE DO NOT PURCHASE if YOU are holding/carrying a NOTE the YOUR Bank is the First Lien Position, and YOU the Seller is carry only lets say $USD 20,000, that is a NOTE we will NOT Purchase.

Now we at Best Buy Financial Services Need to be just a little clearer to the more of what we DON'T Purchase in the form of a Mortgage Note(s), they are called the TRADITIONAL SECOND - means that when a lets say a BANK owned the First Lien Position, is that in our experience for any reason YOU decide that Holder of the Note decide to STOP making payments on the lets say SECOND POSITION there is NOTHING that we can at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) can do to force YOU to pay, as long as they pay the FIRST POSITION NOTE (THE BANK), then the Property CANNOT be FORECLOSED ON, period.

In a more of a default situation, in other word(s) YOU decide NOT to pay either the First Position Holder or the Second Position Holder of the Note(s), the holder of the second is literally second in line to claim his or her funds, if the First Lien Position Holder has to foreclose they will incur some expenses such as maintenance of the property, realtor's fees to resale the property, late fees, etc. Let's assume that all of this adds up to $USD 115,000 (outstanding balance plus fees) and the Holder of the First Position Holder, a Bank, et al only sell the House for $USD 130,000. Then the YOU would only receive $USD 15,000.

SO THAT IS THE SOLE REASON WHY Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) would NOT be interested in Purchasing this type of Mortgage Note, but THANK YOU for thinking of US at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM).


Now on a very LIMITED Basis we will PURCHASE Land Contract(s), Contract(s) for Deed(s), or sometimes Wrap-Around Note(s) or they are simple called a "WRAP" - these type of NOTE(S) are usually created when YOU the original Home Seller takes back a NOTE after selling YOUR Home but also is still making payments on the note.

In this scenario, the Home Seller (YOU) would sell his/her home to the Buyer using a Land Contract or Contract for Deed, and sale would be for $USD 250,000, Let's also assume that the Home Buyer pays the Seller (YOU) $USD 20,000 down.

Now we at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) have a NOTE that is being paid by the new Buyer for $USD 230,000 ( $USD 250,000 minus the $USD 20,000 down payment) and at the same time the Home Seller is Still paying on his/her Note to the Bank that has a balance of $USD 20,000.

We at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) will purchase the $USD 230,000 Note at a discount, pay off the $USD 20,000 note, and give the difference to the Note Holder. We at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) routinely purchase these types of NOTES. Our guidelines are very simple: there must be enough of a spread between the two notes so that we at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) can discount the "WRAPPED" note and pay off the other note.

Now please understand that we at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) purchase a lot of NOTES, so for YOUR safety please EMAIL us FIRST at either EMAILS ADDRESSES of and/or and FARMOST concerning what we will and will NOT Purchase that way YOU will understand the Ins and Outs of YOUR current situation and we will put it in written form - so YOU the Note Holder understand what YOU are getting into and we will give YOU an estimate price to what we at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) will pay YOU for YOUR Note(s)...and if YOU agree with what YOU see than YOU are free to enter into an AGREEMENT with us an we will get the ball rollin' the size of the note(s) will determine the actual TIME FRAME of the FUNDING, but about 89% of the time the time frame is less than six (6) working days to place the funds in YOUR bank(s) of record.

Now as NOTED we will also Purchase a Note(s) on what is a Partial , now on some occasions we at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) do receive some quote requests for NU/NEW Notes that have NOT been seasoned, have little or "NO" down payment, and YOU just might have some bad credit in YOUR History, no worries, in some cases such as this we at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) will purchases the note(s) but would only purchase a portion (PARTIAL) of it. this is to reduce OUR RISK in the event that YOU default on the Note.

  1. Let's look at an very SIMPLE example of this and what we @ Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) are talking about:

Sales Prices: $USD 90,000 Down Payment: $USD 10,000

Original Note Balance: $USD 80,000

Payers Credit: POOR Seasoning: 4 months

Appraised Property Value: $USD 90,000 Term: 360 months

Interest: 10% Remaining payments: 358

In this scenario, we at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) would give the Contract Buyer a quote of $USD 65,000 for the NEXT 250 payments. Purchasing a "PARTIAL" lessens our risk factor. Again, this lessons Best Buy Financial Financial Services Company (TM) RISK FACTOR in the event we have to FORECLOSE. If and when ALL the payments are made as SHEDULED, the note would then revert back to the Seller following the 250th payment.


Understand that when YOU feel that YOUR Note(s) are Too Much, again just sell a PARTIAL part of the Note(s) and retain the rest for a later date in time, but for now the time is NOW for YOU to act and act now, before its TOO LATE!

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