BBFS (TM) To Invest or Not to Invest...That Is The Question?

Updated: Jun 3

As the Economy gets worst and it seem to NEVER get better, just wait - it WILL, but "NOT" as FAST as YOU and/or we would like, but we see the LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL...the word(s) on the Street and on Black Wall Street " Is Invest What YOU can Only Afford and NEVER Get OVER YOUR HEAD In YOUR Investment(s)" those of us @ Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) understand the HARDSHIPS of the Up's and Down's of the ECONOMY, but lets be very HONEST - this Market has always been a PLAYERS Game and it is for those who can afford to Play and Loose Money, and to PLAY this game YOU don't need to too be RICH OR SUPER RICH, just SMART and Listen to those who know the Game of the Investment WORLD, and Honey NOT everyone in this Financial World, is SMART, some really do whatever they do just to look SMART, but isn't...that is NOT the case with Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) (aka: BBFS(TM)) we will NEVER steer YOU in the wrong direction, if we can HELP IT, and 99.9% of the time we can - understand being CERTIFIED is ONLY part of the Solution, have the skills and the knowledge of the ins and outs of the Market, is a REAL PLUS and is very vital to YOUR survival - SO, ITS YOUR CALL ON YOUR JOURNEY IN THIS WORLD.

Now NEVER be force into this MARKET OVER FEARS, understand one thing and that is the ECONOMY will always be apart of LIFE, but its what EVER YOU decide to make of it...SO JUST SITTING ON THE SIDELINES IS A "GOOD THING", but, also UNDERSTAND that sometime waiting can also be YOUR worst enemy - so to PLAY IT 100% Safe go to YOUR Local Bank and purchase a CD for ONLY $USD 100.00, more if YOU can afford it, and HOLD ON TO IT FOR Six (6) or More Months than when the time is UP ROLL IT OVER FOR ANOTHER SIX (6) MONTHS, after that call us @ Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) and we will guide YOU to the NEXT STEP...EMAIL US @ and someone will get back to YOU with some form of REPLY, NO MORE THAN 72 Hours or Less, understand SOMEONE WILL GET BACK TO YOU - and remember we @ BBFS (TM) is/are a Full Service Alternative B2B Financial Company and we are "NOT" any type or form of Traditional Financial Company, such as a BANK(S), CREDIT UNION(S), ET AL - what we do is 100% ONLINE ONLY and we are very LEGITIMATE, AS WELL AS HONEST.

But, if YOU don't wish to leave us an EMAIL Address, YOU can on this website leave us a Contact YOU information, but again YOU will need to include YOUR Valid Business EMAIL ADDRESS - Sorry, but its REQUIRED by BBFS (TM), without it YOUR INFORMATION will not go thru to us, period...but if YOU are COOL with the fact that if YOU are not OKAY with leaving us an EMAIL Address, YOU can send us a SECURE BUSINESS FAX, the business number is 719-325-7056, this FAX LINE is 24/7/365, Please just send us YOUR FULL NAME, Title, Valid Street Business Address (USPS P.O. Boxes are Okay), Last Four of YOUR SSN, The Amount of Funding YOU are Requesting, a Valid Contact Phone Number w/ Area Code or Country Code (WE ONLY DO BUSINESS WITH COUNTRIES WITHIN CANADA AND MEXICO ONLY THAT ARE WITHIN OUR FULL COMPANY POLICY(IES) THAT CONCERN BOTH THE MINORITY AND LGBTQ+ COMMUNITIES WITHIN AND/OR WITHOUT THE USA, ET AL) once we @ BBFS (TM) receive said BUSINESS FAX some one (1) will contact YOU concerning this matter OF AN URGENT NATURE WITHIN 48 OR LESS HOURS, if YOU are requiring us @ BBFS (TM) to contact YOU sooner PLEASE NOTE THAT IN YOUR FAX TO US.

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