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When it comes to Factoring we got YOU covered...this was our first child

when we start in 1980 and since than we have gotten better at the tune of over BILLIONS in Factoring so just maybe we got this. Now Factoring is now a Multi- Billion Dollar Industry and is FAST becoming those in need of some serious Assistant/Help their FIRST CHOICE as is most times our as well when all else fails on the CASH SIDE O' THINGS...we @ Best Buy Financial Services (TM) may be DOWN,  but we are NEVER OUT OF THE FINANCIAL GAME when YOU the Client need us the most. 


Count On Us

Best Buy Financial Services CO (TM) are the PEOPLE who 98.9% of the time will say "YES!" to the Venture Capital, Expansion Loans, Equipment Loans, Working Capital Funding/Loans, Risk Capital Funding, Construction & Development Funding/Loans, LBO's, MBO's, MCA's, Real Estate - Special Situation Funding/Loans, et al in as low as $USD 25,000, up to as high as $USD 9.5 Billion and sometimes more...try us on for size and put us to work for YOU and YOUR Business(es).


Our Expertise

When YOU are in need of a NU/NEW Car or Truck think of us @ Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM) we are starting a NU/NEW Multi-Million Dollar Program for those within the LGBTQ+ communities who are in need of this without hearing a flat "NO!" we will say "YES!", but first YOU must qualify, for more information go to & sign-up