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Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM) STORY

As the Stars LINE UP, the beginning of a BRIGHT NU/NEW Future is upon YOU and its called Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) the first of OUR kind within the Minority and LGBTQ Communities we have been behind the scene  for well over 39 years and still kicking - We have witnessed the Pro's and the Con's, as well as the Up's and Down's of many businesses within OUR communities...we have over the many years have heard of many stories of the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY, and we are the long awaited solution to most of the FINANCIAL WORRIES we are the FUTURE in the Alternative Financial Market, HELL NO! WE ARE NOT A BANK, CREDIT UNION and/or MORTGAGE COMPANY, or a PAYDAY LOAN COMPANY, if YOU are in need of them WE ARE NOT THEM, PERIOD, WE ARE THE OTHER GUYS/GIRLS & WE SAY YES! 99.9% OF THE TIME WHEN THE OTHERS SAY "NO!".


WELCOME to the Financial FREEDOM YOU need and visiting this site YOU at least started a venture into knowing that YOU are in need of some form of CAPITAL and just maybe we are the RIGHT FIT, hell, we are the RIGHT FIT. The ONLY drawback is that we are only ONLINE, but just as LEGITIMATE as any other financial company be them Alternative and/or Traditional either way we got this and YOU.

OUR WAY @ Best Buy Financial Service Co

Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) has been providing clients with personalized tax, and accounting services as well as other business alternative commercial financing services throughout the State of Colorado since 1980. We are the BEST within our field of funding from Factoring, Auto Loans, Pre-Settlement Funding, MCA's, LBOs, Startups, Commercial Leasing, and a lot more.

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Best Buy Financial Services (TM) Pre-settlement Funding 

Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) Pre-Settlement Funding for both Clients and their Attorney(s)...we can do either RECOURSE and NON - RECOURSE Pre - Settlement type as YOU are the EXPERT within the Laws and Courtroom, we are an EXPERT in this Field and we have been at it for well over 39 Years and still going and HELL NO we don't ask for any UPFRONT FEES OR COST to do this deal, so we got this and WE WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN, NOR WILL WE LET YOUR CLIENT DOWN - EVER.

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Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM) LGBTQ+/MINORITY Funding/Loans for the Partnership side of things.

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FUNDING For the LGBTQ+/Minority Communities

With 39 Plus Years behind us in the Alternative Financial Field we are the BEST at what we do, we may not be YOUR Traditional Financial Company, like YOUR Local/International Bank(s), et al...we are better at what we do and we do everything they can do but on a very legitimate and honest system and we are know to tell any and all our clients YES! to the funding/loans about 98.9% of the time, can YOUR Bank(s), et al claim that.

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Business Notes are the riskiest of all the NOTES but we purchase them, yet we do DISCOUNT Them, since 98.9% of them don't have any collateral to secure the note...that is due to the traditionally high failure rate of small to med-size businesses in the United States, that close their door within the first year or two.



We at Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM)  provide capital up to $USD 39 billion for research and development of a product or service.



Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) provide the start-up capital for a small to mid-size business within the Entire USA, Canada and Parts of Mexico...usually, these companies have done the marketing research on their product or service and have their work force in place.


Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM) NU/NEW way of Funding and its FUN too!

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At Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) has a motto we say and it is "NO MAN OR WOMAN IS TOO OLD TO SUCCEED, TILL REGRETS TAKE THE PLACE OF THEIR DREAMS!" YOUR future is going to be filled with accomplishment, happiness and much wealth! We have been doing this type of financing for well over 39 plus years and we are pretty GOOD at what we we said YOUR DREAMS are calling YOU and we are READY WHEN YOU ARE.


First Stage Funding, et al

This type of funding is provided to business owners/companies that have exhausted their initial capital and require funds to initiate full scale manufacturing and sales.


Acquisition Funding

Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) provides funding an acquisition of another company, up to $USD 39 billion sometimes more.


Bridge Funding

Now this type of funding is available to any and all business owners who wish to GO PUBLIC within six (6) months to a Year. Understand that bridge funding is so structured so that it can be repaid from the proceeds of the public underwriting.


Leveraged Buy-Out (LBO)

Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) provides the capital funding for the buy-out of the assets of an existing company/businesses.


140 W 29th St, Pueblo, CO 81008, USA


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